Our Board and Documents

Our board is made up of board members, listed below:

Jane Hasler
Julie Maybrick
John Nicholas
Bruce Verspeak
Richard Whitten
Julia Chandler
Joanna Clarke

If you would like to contact any board member please do so using our email or address here.

PEAT Register of Trustee & Member Interests
PEAT Staff Declarations of Interest
Articles of Association for Perryfields Enterprise Academy Trust
PEAT Terms of Reference
PEAT Scheme of Delegation
PEAT Estate Vision
PEAT Estate Strategy
Governance Membership and Committees
oard Meetings Attendance

Financial Statements
Master Funding Agreement
Supplementary Funding Agreement
Annual Report and Financial Statements 2017-18
Annual Report and Financial Statements 2018-19
Annual Report and Financial Statements 2019-20
Annual Report and Financial Statements 2020-21
Annual Report and Financial Statements 2021-22
Annual Report and Financial Statements 2022-23

Policies & Documentation
Acceptable Use Policy
Accounting Policy
Attendance Policy
Behaviour Policy
Capability Procedures
Capital and Revenue Reserves Policy
CCTV Policy
Charging and Remissions Policy
Child Protection Policy
Child Protection Policy During School Closure due to Covid-19
Complaints Policy
Conflict of Interest Policy
Cover and PPA Policy
Data Protection Policy
Data Breach Policy
Equality information and objectives Policy
Extract from Accounts: Salary & Pension Statement
Flexible Working Policy
Freedom of Information Policy
Grievance Procedures
Harmful Sexual Behaviour / Peer on Peer Abuse Policy
Investment Management Policy
Online Safety Policy
Records Management and Retention Policy
Risk Management Strategy
Tendering Policy
Subject Access Request Policy
Whistleblowing Policy